If you want to experience the pulse of life in Pomurje, as it once was, we suggest ETNO TRIP!

The 1-day trip is suitable for children (schools), families and the elderly, as it is varied, without much effort or long rides.

In order not to make the day too short or too long, we also recommend a timeline and attach a map.

9:00 am arrival in Veržej

  • Visit to the Center of Home and Art Crafts (Ulica Iztoka Gaberca 5, 9241 Veržej, tel .: 051 654 778).

Visitors are introduced home crafts of Pomurje, so that participants also learn about the history and background of people’s lives with these professions, which are now extinct. It is about transferring traditional experience and knowledge to younger generations. The center offers various workshops in knitting from natural materials, behind a potter’s wheel, next to a blacksmith’s bellows and more. The handicraft store offers a tour and purchase of beautiful products made and designed by natural craftsmen from natural materials: clay, straw, corn husk, willow, wood, metal and others.

The presentation will be followed by a pottery workshop, where you will test your skills on a potter’s wheel. You will be able to take the pottery item you make with you as a souvenir.

Visit to the Ecomuseum (at the same location), which shows the historical development of handicrafts in Pomurje. The museum collection has various handicraft exhibits.

11:00 am Bees – the source of life

  • Tigeli Beekeeping Museum – guided tour
    The museum keeps a beehive that is more than a hundred years old and is the only neiser system (eight-corner made of wood) preserved in Slovenia. It was inhabited until 1945. The exhibits in it are also 200 to 300 years old. It is very important for the development of beekeeping in this area. There are also educational beehives, herb gardens and honey plants.
  • Tasting honey and homemade gingerbread
    In the beekeeping shop it is possible to buy different types of honey and honey products. (Tigeli Beekeeping Museum, Kolodvorska ulica 33, 9241 Veržej, tel .: 031 761 680).

12:30 pm Lunch

Hungry mouths will be catered for in the Kasač Inn (soup, main course with side dish, salad, dessert). The Kasač inn is named after the trotter, a noble horse bred in Veržej. (Gostilna Kasač, Slavka Osterca 5, 9241 Veržej, tel .: 02 588 82 82).

14:00 pm Let’s go to Mura!

  • Babič Mill on the Mura River: The water-powered mill with a centuries-old tradition is still in operation. The mill wheels are on the water and the mill building is on land. It is possible to buy several types of flour.
    (Babičev mlin, Mlinska cesta 25, 9241 Veržej, tel .: 041 694 087; open: Mon.-Fri. 8-16., Sat. 8-13.)

After all the tours in Veržej, we return to the DUO Center, where we take our clay product, which was baked in a pottery kiln.

16:00 pm PUŠČA – 110 years old Roma settlement

  • Arrival at the Pušča tree-lined avenue, opposite the kindergarten, where you will be received by a local Roma tourist guide. He will introduce you to the history of the Roma village Pušča, the life of the Roma, you will walk around the village, where you will meet the village musician-musician by chance, see the grinding machine in his yard and the Roma museum. (Darko Rudas, tel .: 040 860 817).

17:00 pm DEPARTURE