Social Development Institute Murska Sobota acts in the best interests of human resources development, promotes innovativeness, useful work in the community, culture and art, socio-economic development and personal development. With our work, we want to promote the operational sustainability of all the stakeholders in the region in terms of equal opportunities for all, especially for vulnerable groups.

For the last three years, we have been mainly developing ethical tourism and advertising local providers of excellent products and services that enrich the tourist offer in the region. The project ETHOS LAND is based on the establishment of a network with socially responsible tourism providers.

ETHOS LAND is an ethical land that lies between the Mura, the Raba and the Zala rivers, where you can find numerous providers of excellent products and services. All the good things – for your soul and body, for every person and every occasion.

We include ethical and socially responsible local providers in our story, so we can enter the market together. There are many great products in our region, made by courageous skilled people, who get their skills and knowledge from their ancestors. However, the small size of an individual provider is most often the reason that their products go unnoticed and do not reach a business boom. Unity means power, that is why we believe that the joint participation of providers on the market can create not only the recognition of the region but also the development of an ethical form of tourism.