Fruit Farm Ficko

Fruit Farm Ficko is a family company from the settlement of Rogašovci, which has been living off farming for three generations. They switched from traditional farming to growing fruit. In addition to tall orchards, they also planted quince and medlar trees.

Today, they offer excellent spirits, liqueurs and mostly jams of various flavours and combinations. They are faithful to tradition, but follow the wishes of their customers, so their offer is more varied each year, but always of top quality.

Rogašovci 78, 9262 Rogašovci
+386 41 792 328

Tourist Farm Dervarič

The Dervarič family from the village of Žižki grows top-quality blueberries on a little more than half a hectare of land. They have been taking care of their well-kept plantation for almost 10 years.

Using mulch instead of fertilizers or sprays for killing weeds, ducks instead of slug and snail killers, irrigation systems and anti-hail protection equipment, as well as hardworking hands and a big heart have paved the way to their blueberries being certified as organic. They make an excellent Organic blueberry jam from blueberries, which are considered a superfood.

Indigenous and resistant varieties of aromatic grapes grow on the grapevines around the plantation, which are not treated with any artificial preparations, so the organic grape juice is completely natural with no additives and with excellent taste.

Kopriva 17, 9246 Razkrižje
+386 31 365 985

Sezona – Brigitta Horvat

Next to a family house in the village of Beznovci, there has grown a plantation full of raspberry and blackberry bushes, from which amazing products are being created under the watchful eye of Brigitta Horvat.

Even the most demanding gourmets rate her vinegar, jams, spirits, and liqueurs as excellent. And rightfully so, as a lot of effort, time, knowledge and love for nature are invested in all her products!

Beznovci 37, 9265 Bodonci
+386 41 615 568

Simona Božič

The tourist farm Dervarič is located in the idyllic village of Kopriva in the eastern parts of the hill Jeruzalemske Gorice near the Croatian border.

The young family produces excellent wine, various oils (pumpkin seed oil, walnut oil, hemp seed oil), liqueurs, homemade apple cider vinegar and hazelnuts.

Dolnja Bistrica 140A, 9232 Črenšovci
+386 31 365 985

Vidov brejg Estate

Vidov brejg (Vid’s Hill) is a rich complex of natural and cultural heritage, located in the village of Fokovci, on a piece of land where you can feel peace, positive energy, and connection with nature and people.

A year ago, the property was totally overgrown, so the goats, which are like live lawn mowers, cleaned the property of thorny plants and weeds.

An organic herb garden has grown near the villa Moj mir, and the collected herbs are added to tea blends, liqueurs, tinctures, herbal distillates, etc. Buckwheat grows in a nearby field, there is a forest around the property… An idyll you want to see!

Fokovci 77, 9208 Fokovci
+386 41 797 508

Kolenko’s Mill

The story of Kolenko’s Mill from the village of Gornja Bistrica began in 1938. In 2006 it was the first mill in Slovenia that started with organic grain processing.

They use an old organic mill that operates with old quern-stones and roller mills to mill organic grains and a new mill that is used to mill home-grown grains with millstones and rollers.

They follow the wishes of customers, so they offer various types of flours, groats, flakes, pasta and much more.

Gornja Bistrica 198, 9232 Črenšovci
+386 41 899 066

Passero Estate

The Country Chocolate Shop from the village Tešanovci is a result of love between two young people who love chocolate.

Their professionalism, creativity, and respect for the cultural heritage of the Prekmurje region led them to create chocolate products with the flavour of Prekmurska gibanica cake, jurka (an old grape variety), pumpkin seed oil, etc. They are absolutely delicious!

Tešanovci 24, 9226 Moravske Toplice
+386 51 357 170

Dajč Oil Mill

In the village of Sotina, the members of the fifth generation of oil producers are producing 100% pumpkin seed oil based on an old tradition. There are no additives, just pure green gold.

The tradition is now in the hands of the young heiress, who always adds something new to the offer: from pumpkin seeds coated with dark chocolate all the way to pumpkin seed butter! And all of it tastes delicious.

Sotina 16B, 9262 Rogašovci
+386 2 557 16 00


In the village of Dobrovnik, there is a plantation of chokeberry bushes, which Bernarda, the owner, grows based on biodynamic practices.

She uses only natural products to grow chokeberry bushes and respects the laws of nature, the plants, on the other hand, gratefully return the favour with an abundant harvest of chokeberries. The chokeberries are pressed to make 100% pure chokeberry juice, which has a beneficial effect on our health.

Mix 30 ml of the chokeberry juice with water and drink in sips every morning after breakfast and your body will be thankful. In addition to juice, they also make invigorating fruit tea blends.

Dobrovnik 103, 9223 Dobrovnik
+386 31 486 886

Šemen Beekeeping

A family, living in the village of Lipa, is passionately involved in beekeeping and producing bee products. They drive their bees to pasture all around Slovenia.

They produce 10 various flavours of honey – most of them with a protected geographical indication. Buckwheat honey and Sunflower honey do not fall into this category but are special and worth tasting. Among other products, they also offer Dried bee pollen and Honey with honeycomb. They also have a little house, where you can enjoy in apitherapy.

Lipa 145A, 9231 Beltinci
+386 31 787 235


A social enterprise from the village of Črenšovci is producing and processing lavender and various products for the soul and body.

They use only the best ingredients for their products. Their most attractive products are the Gibanica-shaped soap bar and the Heart-shaped lavender soap bar, which are the perfect gift for every occasion.

Ulica Juša Kramarja 9, 9232 Črenšovci

Imréné Hácskó

First, there were three empty fields. On the first one flax seeds were planted, on the second one cotton seeds and on the third one hemp seeds. The plants were growing under the watchful eye of small growers in Hungary.

When they were ready to harvest, they were processed in a way to obtain filament fibers. These fibres or threads then find a way to a certain lady in the border town Lenti in Hungary, who has 150-year-old weaving looms in the middle of a room which she uses to weave cloth.

For thinner pieces of cloth, she uses just one thread and for thicker pieces two threads. Cloth can be made by using only one material or by using two different materials. With each move authentic homemade cloth is being woven, just like that our grandmothers used to have. She then decorates the cloth with traditional Hungarian motifs of the Hetés culture that are mainly red, and this is how tablecloths of various shapes are made.

Lenti, Hungary