The Slovenian Raba-Country development agency

The primary mission of the organization is the development of rural areas. With their activities, they are mainly focused on the development of tourism and agriculture. They are the initiators of organic farming and local product development.

With the development of ethical tourism, they will be able to offer their guests, who visit the region, an even wider range of products and activities.

The Slovenian Raba-Country development agency manages the Slovenian Model Farm, which offers excursions and accommodations. As part of the project, the Agency, in cooperation with local providers, wants to expand and enrich the range of local products intended for sale. For this purpose, they will set up and furnish a shop of local products in the premises of the Slovenian Model Farm, thus, following the “principle of 0 km”, as tourists will be offered local products that are grown or processed on the spot.

Gárdonyi útca 1, 9970 Szentgotthárd
+36 30 217 5455

Marianum Institute Veržej – Centre DUO

Marianum Institute Veržej with its unit Centre DUO takes care of the preservation and development of handicrafts in the Pomurje region. More than 50 craftsmen are involved in the programme and they participate in different ways and at different events. Centre DUO is desirous of passing traditional experience and knowledge to younger generations and it also helps with the integration of the tourist offer. In doing so, it pays special attention to the quality and professional presentation of cultural heritage.

They built 4 houses by using only natural and local materials, which are used for glamping – a popular form of camping, where tourists can stay overnight. It is perfect for guests, who like camping without sleeping in tents and simultaneously want to be in close contact with nature. The Centre DUO has provided a new attractive offer in accordance with the principles of ethical tourism.

Puščenjakova ulica 1, 9241 Veržej
+386 40 360 729

Municipality of Sakalovci

The Municipality of Sakalovci is responsible for preserving the cultural, natural, and architectural heritage of the village of Sakalovci. By improving basic services, it contributes to the development of tourism and the increase of the tourist offer. The Municipality performs these tasks mainly with the help of various development project tenders of Hungary.

Tourism infrastructure is being developed on an abandoned farm, which will also provide accommodation in the municipality.

Fő útca 120, 9983 Szakonyfalu
+36 94 534 018

Makrobios Panonija so. p.

Permaculture centre for better life quality and path to self-sufficiency – Makrobios Panonija operates as an institution that connects many partners and support organizations with locals through a variety of activities: from alternative treatments, nutrition, and exercise to the sale of organic food and other products.

Their new goals are related to the construction of houses from natural materials, the making of hemp products and the production of organic food in permaculture zones. They want to upgrade their offer with accommodation facilities for environment-friendly tourists.

Lucova 33, 9203 Petrovci
+386 41 371 606

Social Development Institute Murska Sobota so. p.

Social Development Institute Murska Sobota is a social enterprise, which is mostly engaged in the implementation of projects in which it includes deprived target groups who can acquire new knowledge and competencies for active life through various activities.

Cultural values are a set of achievements of human society, so the care for the protection and preservation of cultural heritage is extremely important for the formation of cultural and national identity. This includes habits, customs and traditions of the local people, their cuisine, culture of living and hospitality. An ethical tourist wants to blend in with the environment, admire unspoiled nature and relax away from the urban hustle and bustle.

We have brightened this type of tourist offer with a network of excellent local providers who are involved in a joint appearance on the market through gift vouchers from the company Murska krona (Mura Crown) and through local goods from the ethical land.

Prešernova ulica 70, 9000 Murska Sobota
+386 41 729 193

A Nap Harmata Közhasznú Alapítvány

A Nap Harmata Közhasznú Alapítvány is a foundation based in the village of Galambok in the Zala County.

The foundation wants to fill the gap in the field of helping people with fewer opportunities and, together with experts from existing organizations, increase the employability of the group, especially with new programs that will help them with their career choice.

The renovation of the house in the village Galambok (14 Somogyi Béla Street) will provide accommodation for 12 people. It will also include a common room, a room with a curing chamber and a smoking chamber, a bread oven and a jam maker.

Somogyi Béla útca 14, 8754 Galambok
+36 93 951 746