The 14-day withdrawal period from purchase

If you are not satisfied with the product you have bought, you can return it without having to give reasons for your decision. We will refund the purchase price (excluding postage).

Return of the product is not possible in the cases listed below. We have the right to charge appropriate compensation if:

  • the product is used or there are visible traces of use.
  • the packaging or the product is damaged, dirty, if the original package and other necessary accessories are not included.
  • the product is customized or specially delivered on behalf of the customer.

How do I return a product?

Send us an email at, and write “Refund [order number]” in the Subject line.

Fill in the form and attach it to the shipment together with a copy of the invoice. Download the return form HERE.

Wrap and package the product properly so that it will be ready for delivery by the delivery service. When the product is in our warehouse, we will return all payments received immediately or no later than 14 days after receiving the notice of withdrawal from the contract.

The customer must return the item to the seller undamaged and in the same quantity, unless the item is destroyed, damaged, lost or its quantity has decreased without the fault of the customer. The consumer cannot and must not use the received goods without hindrance in the period until the withdrawal from the contract. The consumer may only inspect and test the goods received to the extent strictly necessary to establish the actual situation. Any testing and other use that deviates from the above can be considered as the use of the goods, which means that the consumer loses the right to withdraw from the contract.

The only cost you incur in connection with the withdrawal from the contract is the direct cost of returning the goods (which in the case of shipping is charged according to the price list of the delivery service and depends on whether it is listed as a shipment/package/cargo).

Upon withdrawal from a contract where a discount code or promotional code has been used, these funds are considered a discount and are not refundable.


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